A very unusual fundraising challenge - a gruelling marathon in the Sahara desert

31 March, 2016

On the 6th April I take on the 31st MARATHON DES SABLES in the Sahara Desert, with my 4 brothers: a first... and you can help me to reach my sponsorship target by going to the My Donate website , clicking on 'Sponsor a Fundraiser' and searching for me - Stuart White - and then following the instructions.



250 km Sahara Desert race for the COB Foundation

By way of introduction, my name is Stuart White. I have decided to raise money for the COB Foundation, given both my wife and mother-in-law have found your organisation's support invaluable. Please see below some more details on the adventure I will be embarking on with my 4 brothers to run 250km across the Sahara Desert in April 2016. If you feel it is appropriate please feel free to forward to your members to help in the fund raising. With Kind regards, Stuart  


In April 2016, I will be taking on the challenge of my life, to run 250 kilometres over six days, across the Sahara desert, with my 4 younger brothers. 

I have chosen to support 'The Cystitis and Overactive Bladder (COB) Foundation' a charity largely unknown and often overlooked, but provides invaluable support to people who suffer from all forms of painful bladder conditions. My mother-in-law, wife and other members of my family, all suffer from Cystitis, a painful and debilitating condition, which has a huge impact on their lives.

This foundation has helped them and countless other sufferers fight the condition and I am proud to be supporting such a worthwhile cause. 

Every penny helps and if you can spare a small donation it would be really appreciated. 

Thank you and best wishes, 


please visit the site below for more info and details on how to Donate 



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