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16 April, 2020

Update 16-4-2020

We are pleased to let everyone know that Aspire Pharma, distributors of iAluril instillation, have announced that during the Covid-19 crisis they have made iAluril available for purchase online for anyone who is unable to get it prescribed by their GP at the following link

Bladder Health UK members are entitled to 30% discount on the NHS price list for this product and if you would like to take advantage of this discount, please email your request for the code to


For patients who are experiencing difficulties during the Covid-19 crisis in obtaining instillation treatment with iAluril, we have today received the following communication from Aspire Pharma.

 Apsire Pharma are now undertaking the work with the NHS to secure a route to have iAluRil prescriptions dispensed via a partner and are suggesting that all patients should all request that their GP prescribe their treatment, as some may find that this is an option. Failing that, they are working hard to see if they can make it prescribed electronically in the hospital and then dispensed direct to a patient’s home.

 Patient support resources are now available on the iAluRil® website;  for patients to access.   

The website hosts RGN -led self-administration tutorial videos that provide help, support and guidance for patients who have to self-administer iAluRil via the iAluadapter® or other GAG treatments via ISC. While the videos are of course focussed on discussing iAluRil, the technique for self-ISC is applicable for all patients, in order to ensure they are undertaking this procedure as safely and effectively as possible.

Alongside these videos, we have other resources available for patients to download including:

•              Further tip sheets for self-ISC (for both men and women and approved for use by an RGN),

•              Tips for self-administration with the iAluadapter

•              Common challenges with ISC fact sheet

•              Treatment diaries to enable patients to record their instillations during this period of absence from the clinic

•              iAluRil specific patient information

•              General disease leaflets about IC/PBS and rUTIs with tips for how to manage symptoms and helping to prevent flare ups or recurrences.


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