24-11-15. Latest on London Professor's Clinic

24 November, 2015

A statement from the legal team representing the complainants in court Friday, 20th November 2015

"Just to recap, yesterday evening the Whittington Trust entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with  the Professor  and replaced the 21 October Practice Restriction with a less onerous one which the Prof thinks he can live with.

The LUTS Clinic team will be meeting on Monday to discuss the best way of now handling and rebooking those patients whose appointments have been cancelled over the last few weeks.  Please wait until you hear from the clinic about your appointment before contacting them.  On average they see 250 patients a week so rearranging appointments is going to take time. For those patients who have appointments in the next two weeks or so, you will be contacted by the clinic to advise arrangements  once the team have reviewed the upcoming bookings next week.  

In court today it was agreed to adjourn the proceedings until the New Year. In the meantime attempts are going to be made to resolve the outstanding issues with the Trust. Those include the failure by the Trust to have arrangements in place to engage with patients -and indeed their failure to do so yet again yesterday when they made more changes to the LUTS Clinic without involving patients!

There may also be potential damages claims for patients who suffered as a result of the closure of the LUTS Clinic from 21 October to 23 November. If these matters can’t be resolved by January 2016 then the legal team will be back in court.

Finally The Trust tried to argue that the complainants should not get the costs of going to court today because they would have reopened the Clinic even if they hadn’t forced them into court. The judge didn’t accept that and ordered them to pay the costs of today’s application".

So overall good news and a precedent has been set for the recognition of the service provided by the only NHS chronic UTI clinic in the country.  As has previously been stated COB were not involved in this legal action but have many members who are treated by the Professor and understand how incredibly stressful and distressing the last few weeks have been to their members.  Demand for COB services has been at an unprecedented level and it is hoped that this type of action for the treatment of UTIs resulting in court action does not happen again.



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