Should An Old Antibiotic be Revived?

9 April, 2014

 CAPE TOWN, South Africa — In hospitalized patients with uncomplicated urinary tract infections (UTIs), cure rates with oral fosfomycin, an old antibiotic, are excellent, even in those colonized with resistant organisms, a new study shows.

"Results from this project showed an 83% cure rate. Even in patients who did not achieve a clinical cure, only about 3% overtly failed therapy," said investigator Shauna Jacobson, PharmD, from the Orlando Regional Medical Center in Florida.
"We recently restricted fluoroquinolones at our hospital, and then we went on to restrict meropenem," she told Medscape Medical News. Although "fosfomycin has been studied pretty well in community patients, especially in patients with uncomplicated cystitis, it hasn't been well studied in hospitalized patients," she said. "We wanted to see how our patients did on it."


The study results were presented at the 16th International Congress on Infectious Diseases.
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