I have IC, IC does not have me

23 August, 2016

Thanks to Matthew for taking part in the Coast to Coast challenge with his friends and family and for raising funds for the COB Foundation.

Unfortunately Matthew had to give up as his shoulder is very painful after the fall he had. He was so brave to continue as long as he did in very painful circumstances and we are so pleased for his attempt as it has again helped to raise the prifile of this debilitiating illness. The rest of the team finished the challeng on the 19th.

This is what Matt had to say plus a few pictures - OUCH !!

This was my toughest challenge to date. Cycling 140 miles in 4 days from coast to coast was going to be hard regardless but after crashing just one mile in and tearing all the ligaments in my shoulder, which I found out later, it was going to be even harder. I manage to ride 75 miles of the challenge and the rest of my family taking part Glyn Shawcross, Paul Ainscough, Connor Gough, Jamie Ainscough and Brandon Ainscough all managed to complete the full challenge. The experience was an enjoyable one despite the crash given the beautiful weather and scenery and the fact we raised over £350 towards helping those with IC. I would like to thank the COB foundation for their continued support and great work helping IC sufferers. I hope to complete further challenges and fundraising initiatives in the future for this wonderful charity and to further help those with IC. Finally I would finish with a little mantra I use to remind myself I am more than my illness I hope it resonates with other IC sufferers. I have IC, IC does not have me. Thank you."


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