Do you live in south or central Scotland and would you be willing to help to design an App for Bladder Training ?

2 August, 2016

A colleague and supporter of the COB Foundation is Jo Booth (details below) and she has asked if our members can support one of her PhD students  who is developing an App to help with Bladder Training

Professor Jo Booth,Professor of Rehabilitation Nursing

Institute for Applied Health Research &

Department of Nursing & Community Health

School of Health & Life Sciences

 The student, Ana, is now at the stage of looking for some volunteers who have an overactive bladder to help to decide what this app should look like. She has designed the attached invitation and I wondered if you would kindly make it available to your membership.


Ana has an information sheet and consent form for anyone interested and she will send these out individually once people express an interest. The study has ethics approval from Heriot Watt University.  

 Hope this is all achievable – I appreciate it is holiday time however Ana is looking for around 16 participants in total.

Please call the COB office if you need any further information - 0121 702 0820. ( The advert above may not be clear enough for you to read so please call us to confirm the details)

Thank you


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