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Remember that Bladder Health UK has a well-stocked library of books that members can borrow for up to three weeks. A full list of books have been send with your membership pack. Or check the BHUK Forum or Facebook pages for the latest information. We include a selection of books here that you may want to read again and again and so may wish to own.

IC/Painful Bladder Syndrome


Amrit Willis

Willis advocates that the foundation of recovering from IC begins with Alkalizing the body. In this very comprehensive book, Willis shares her own recovery experience and offers an understanding of the acid-alakali balance.The book then goes onto suggest an alkalizing programme with food and meal suggestions.

Philip Weeks 

Philip Weeks practices natural medicine and nutrition in addition to being a Master Herbalist and acupuncturist.  Weeks covers medical approaches to the treatment of interstitial cystitis before exploring holistic approaches and perspectives on the illness. Philip Weeks believes that almost everyone with IC/PBS is gluten intolerant and advocates a gluten-free diet.



Practical advice for improving and self-healing continence and bladder issues.


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