Welcome to the BHUK Shop

Welcome to the BHUK Shop

We are often asked by sufferers "Where can I buy products that are beneficial to a bladder sufferer?" In response, we have filled the shop with products that members have found to be helpful or useful. The high-quality products we have selected have been tried and tested by our members.


It is important to remember that products that work for some people do not necessarily have the same benefits to others. 

Shop in Confidence

The BHUK Shop is a window to Amazon.co.uk - all the products you see here are placed and delivered through Amazon so you can have confidence that your products will arrive safely and securely. 

We have chosen Amazon as our partner because they are a reliable and cost-effective supplier. 

There is a comprehensive range of products available so be sure to visit all our departments!

Shopping to Raise Money for BHUK

Each order placed with Amazon earns BHUK a small referral fee. The fee is paid directly to the Charity which we will use to continue to our work into supporting and researching the various forms of bladder illness. In fact, you can order anything by clicking through from the BHUK website and it will earn BHUK much needed funds. To get started click on the Amazon logos or browse through our recommended products.


So help us to raise more funds by using the Bladder Health UK shop!

Have you found a product that helps to manage your symptoms? Why not share your experience with us? Just email info@bladderhealthuk.org

If you are buying other products on-line, then don't forget to use the Spend & Raise website. You'll be raising funds for Bladder Health UK whilst you're shopping!





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