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Member Event in Leeds

6 February, 2017

The latest of our regional events for members will be at the Rose Bowl, Leeds Beckett University on the 29th April 2017. More

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We are now Bladder Health UK

5 January, 2017

Welcome to 2017 and the start of a new era for our charity. More


Wow ! A Sky-Dive to raise money for COB

8 November, 2016

Please support Michael and Guy by donating on their official Donate site - read on to find out how. More

Prof. Malone Lee  -  Watford

Challenging the current UTI Testing methods - Parliamentary debate

25 October, 2016

If you would like to support the next debate in the House of Commons led by Prof. Malone-Lee on 28th October read on and support it by sending a letter to your MP (3* alternate templates attached) More

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Interesting Daily Mail Article for OAB sufferers

18 October, 2016

What a relief! Ankle bracelet worn just a few hours a day could help millions of people tackle that desperate need to go. More


Dilute honey 'may fight urine infections'

28 September, 2016

A simple mix of honey and water might be a useful weapon against urine infections in hospital patients, according to researchers. More


September is IC Awareness Month

28 September, 2016

Checkout our Twitter site, #bladdersupport, for interesting facts and re-tweet them to spread the word. Read on to see some of the facts and figures and please make a donation to support the work we do if you can. More

Prof. Malone Lee  -  Watford

Interesting article by Prof. Malone -Lee in the Daily Mail

27 September, 2016

The rise of 'super-cystitis': Poor testing could leave women with symptoms 'for the rest of their lives' More


Well done ASDA - lets hope other stores follow suit !

30 August, 2016

ASDA to roll out a new sign for its Accessible Toilets which states that ‘not every disability is visible’ More

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Interesting Daily Mail Health Article -

25 August, 2016

UTIs can be dismissed as minor when for a lot of women they cause misery, wrecking personal lives. More


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