Campaign to adpot new Toilet Signage

7 August, 2017

The campaign urges people to act by visiting theCrohn’s and Colitis website and sending a campaign email to the bosses of UK’s airports, rail stations and service stations to ask for their help in the wide adoption of additional accessible toilet signage. Travel with IBD aims to reduce the stigma those living with hidden disabilities face when using accessible toilets and give them more confidence to travel.


 The UK’s major supermarkets and retailers have adapted this to suit their own corporate livery. These signs are now being used in over 2,000 supermarkets nationwide and we are already receiving very positive responses on our current travel campaign.

Whilst Crohn’s and Colitis UK are currently promoting this campaign, such signage is of benefit to many other organisations and its members & supporters


Given the huge synergies in all our work in combating stigma around invisible conditions, it would be great if your respective organisations would feel able to support the campaign and help promote its aims by adopting additional accessible toilet signage. Click here to access the campaign details


Andy McGuinness

Social Policy and Public Affairs Officer | Crohn's and Colitis UK



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