Successful Member event in Watford

30 September, 2015

The member event held in the Watford Hilton was very successful according to feedback from attendees:-

Well, we had a really interesting day today with lots of questions from COB members to our 3 speakers.I think we can safely say that the conference was a great success – a big thank you to Susannah, Suzanne and all their colleagues at COB for organising a ‘down south’ event!  More of these please!!Quite a few of our support group members were there as well as some new faces.  The event was packed and all seats were sold out a while ago.  The venue was ideal and the event went very smoothly and the food was good too. As far as I could see, everyone got a lot out of the day and there were many discussions taking place around the room at lunch and after the last speaker had left.

 Many many thanks again for Saturday.  So enjoyed it.

Grateful thanks and appreciation for the splendid day at the Watford Hilton – it went very well indeed and Prof. Malone-Lee was up to his usual outrageous form !



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