Coronavirus -a statement from BHUK

1 April, 2020

Coronavirus – A Statement from Bladder Health UK

 We have had a number of calls and emails from Bladder Health UK members who are concerned about the potential impact of Coronavirus on their symptoms.

 We have sought guidance from our Medical Panel on the subject and can now offer sufferers the following advice.

 If you are suffering from Interstitial Cystitis/Bladder Pain Syndrome or Chronic or Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection, there is no evidence that you will be at greater risk of complications from Coronavirus than the general public unless for any reason you are immunocompromised.

 There is no evidence that being on long or short-term antibiotics increases the risk of complications from a viral respiratory infection. If, however, a patient is weakened from a viral infection, they can become more susceptible to secondary bacterial infections.

 For those using pain relief, there is some suggestion from France that it may  be better to avoid anti-inflammatories (Ibuprofen, Diclofenac etc) as they may aggravate COVID19 infection, however the evidence base for this is still very limited.


Our Nutritionist advises that Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc may be useful in supporting the immune system, together with eating a well-balanced diet with plenty of green vegetables and perhaps blueberries. She advises lots of rest and plenty of fluids.

 BHUK advises all it’s members to visit the NHS website at the following link and follow the advice given there to avoid catching or spreading the virus.



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