Fundraising for COB

21 January, 2014

Will Newsome is just 26 and has been diagnosed with Painful Bladder Syndrome (PBS) and Bowel Disease (BD). 

Will writes, "With being only 26 I took it rather difficultly & often get quite angry about it. When I went online to find out more I came across the Cob Foundation. I discovered that due to lack of funding and reliance on donations their phone line was only open a few hours a day. With this I started thinking of ways I could possibly help raise money. It's taken a while but I've finally come up with a way I can help out. I've turned my hobby into a fundraiser."

Will is putting his gaming skills to good use on 7th February. He will be attempting to complete 'Kingdom Hearts' game on the PS3 in his local Asda store in Burnley with his friend Keiran.

You can see more details on his donation page:

Well done Will & Kieran for helping to raise funds for the COB Foundation!
It just shows that you can do all sorts of activities to help raise funds and importantly the profile of the foundation in all sorts of ways.

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