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27 April, 2020

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We’re here for you, now more than ever

 We understand that you may have concerns about your treatment with Gepan or other GAG-layer replenishment therapies, and we are working with the NHS and private hospitals to find ways for you to get your treatment during the Covid-19 crisis.

Rest assured that we are continuing to supply Gepan to hospitals, and to local pharmacies for home use.  Gepan is an easy GAG-layer instillation to use at home. If you have not been taught how to use Gepan at home but would like to learn, please call or email us as we can help organise a nurse to do that.

Hospitals may have Gepan in stock, but there may be difficulties in getting that to you as urology teams have been redeployed.  We are working with hospitals to get Gepan to you via delivery services, and in some cases we can also deliver Gepan direct to you from our website at this time.

Email or call 0844 415 2420.


If you have been taught to self-instill (ie use a catheter yourself) and your GP writes repeat prescriptions for your Gepan and catheters:

You are fortunate to be in a position where your instillations should not be disrupted by Covid-19.

In the early stages of the pandemic, we arranged for extra supplies of Gepan to be brought to our warehouse to make sure that we could continue to supply wholesalers who deliver daily to pharmacies.

Your GP should be able to write your prescriptions as normal, and your local pharmacy should be able to dispense them. Alternatively, you can register with Pharmacy2U and the prescription can be sent electronically from your GP to them and they will send your Gepan and catheters direct to your home. If you have any problems at all, please phone or email us. We are able to help in a variety of ways.

Some health trusts make this easier than others. If your encounter any problems, please email or call us on 0844 415 2420.


If you have been taught to self-instill and your hospital writes your prescription for Gepan and catheters

Many hospitals ordered extra Gepan just before clinics were cancelled because of Covid-19 restrictions. Your urology department may still be able to organise for your prescription to be written and for Gepan to be supplied to you.

However, hospital services have been disrupted with staff being redeployed during the Covid-19 crisis and you may find it difficult to speak to someone in your urology team.

The good news is that you can self-instill, so you have other options.

GPs can also write prescriptions for Gepan and catheters, then you can collect them from your local pharmacy or register with Pharmacy2U who will deliver them to you.

Some health trusts make this easier than others. If your encounter any problems, please email or call us on 0844 415 2420.


If your treatment is carried out for you in hospitals

You are in the patient group most likely to face difficulties until clinics return to normal and backlogs are cleared. However, we can support you if you want to learn how to self-instill. It may sound daunting but it’s easier than you think – many hospitals consider this to be the normal way to deal with several bladder problems, and more than 90% of their patients learn how to do it.

Gepan is the easiest GAG-layer instillation to use at home so it’s a simple step after you put the catheter in place. Gepan comes in a pre-filled syringe which connects direct to catheters, and the product is non-viscous, so it’s easy to push the plunger for it to flow smoothly through the catheter to your bladder unlike some products.

You will then be empowered to manage your condition in the comfort and convenience of your own home, and you will still be supported and followed up by your hospital on an ongoing basis.

The first step is to find someone who can show you how to use a catheter, and decide which kind of catheter would be suitable for you. We can help organise a nurse to do that. You can also ask at your GP practice if they can teach you, or if they can refer you to someone.  

It’s worth learn this technique even when the lockdown is relaxed, as there will be a backlog at hospital clinic so appointments may be scarce.

Please email or call us on 0844 415 2420 if you would like support, we can help in a variety of ways.


If you have been taught recently to self-instill and would like support

You are very welcome to call or email us, we can support you in a variety of ways whether it’s about catheter use or questions about Gepan.

There are resources at and you can also find excellent video tutorials and Q&As by most of the catheter companies on YouTube if you want to remind yourself about some aspect of self catheterisation.












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