Interesting article on BPS/IC from Australia

19 April, 2017

At BHUK we are always looking out for interesting article on research in other parts of the world. This one causght our eye so please click here to read all of the article.

First part of the article ......

First he tackled irritated stomachs — now WA Nobel laureate Barry Marshall is turning his unconventional research to painful bladders.

The University of WA professor is working on a research project at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital to better understand bladder pain syndrome, a debilitating and annoying condition that affects thousands of Australians.

And just like he volunteered for his groundbreaking study into the cause of stomach ulcers by swallowing a bacterial brew, Professor Marshall has put up his hand to have his bladder examined.

Along with Dr Antonina Volikova, he is seeking 120 people to have a comprehensive examination of their bladder, to provide a complete map of the thickness and elasticity of its walls and layers.

Bladder pain syndrome, known medically as interstitial cystitis, is a chronic and perplexing bladder condition characterised by painful, frequent and urgent urination.

In severe cases people have to go to the toilet 60 times day.

While about 65,000 Australians are diagnosed with the condition, many more are thought to have it but suffer in silence, embarrassed by often having to dash off to the toilet.


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