Jumping for June – Rebecca Adlington Breaks a World Record in Five Minutes!

27 June, 2017

Jumping For Joy

Participants sprang into action in honour of Women’s Sport Week and World Continence Week (June 19-25) by bouncing for a solid five minutes on mini trampolines, both for fun and for a brilliant cause.

The massive event, hosted by INNOVO, in partnership with the World Federation of Incontinence Patients, aimed to encourage women to look alive and keep moving, regardless of life’s little inconveniences.

Statistics show that one in three London ladies suffer from bladder weakness, which may lead to a dip in confidence when it comes to sweating it out. And when you’re a busy bee, as many Londoners are, 30 minutes of rigorous exercise a day can sound like a lot. But when broken down into little five minute “wow” moments, it’s plain to see how easy it is to factor a bit of locomotion into your daily routine – particularly if you feel held back for medical reasons.


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