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8 August, 2016

If you have written to or want to write to your MP regarding the issues at the Whittington clinic and the continuing Westminster debate on improving testing for UTI's then please copy and paste the kletter below, add your personal details and send to your local MP.

Thanks for supporting the OBBI group on Facebook and the COB Foundation . All of this attention is just what we need to raise awareness of  the issues surrounding IC/PBS/UTI's etc 


Dear (MP)


Update on Lower Urinary Tract Services clinic, Whittington Hospital NHS Trust


As one of your constituents, I have recently written to you about the closure of the Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms clinic at the Whittington Hospital, London.  I wrote asking if you could help with expediting the Trust’s plans for a succession plan following the retirement of Professor Malone-Lee.


Since writing to you, there have been some developments of which I would like to appraise you.  If you have already written to the Trust, may I thank you very much. I am sure letters from MPs helped to achieve a result at the meeting. 


There was a meeting at the Trust on Tuesday 2 August and the following is a brief account of what happened:




‘Six patient representatives attended this meeting with the Trust today.  Professor Malone-Lee was also present and spoke at length.  Two commissioners from the local CCG were also present. Siobhan Harrington chaired the meeting.


The Professor confirmed that he would be prepared to return after his official retirement date of 22 September, provided that certain conditions were met by the Trust.  These conditions included (a) the re-opening of the clinic to new NHS patients and (b) resolution of the currently unworkable paediatric restrictions.


He described the work of his clinic as ‘a discovery centre’ with ‘novel therapies’ and went on to say that he was in discussion with other hospitals regarding setting up a multi-disciplinary team (MDT) for ‘chronic LUTS’ which he hoped would be based at UCLH.  He was also talking to pain consultants, a microbiologist and urologist with the aim of bringing them into the MDT.


Siobhan Harrington stated that they would work with the Professor to ensure that the clinic remains open to existing and new patients.  She agreed that they would have a full staffing plan in place by 16 August and this would form the basis for the continuation of the clinic under the direction of the professor. She also confirmed that new patients would be accepted from mid-August onwards.  Restrictions regarding paediatric restrictions were more complex and the Professor agreed to allow the Trust until mid-September to agree a solution.  Until then, no new children will be accepted as patients until this has been sorted out.


The CCG commissioners present confirmed that they would be advising GPs that patients may be referred to the LUTS clinic from16 August when new NHS patients will be accepted. They also confirmed that they understood the importance of this clinic and agreed to advise other CCGs of their decision’.



Of course, we are still awaiting confirmation of their agreement with the Professor which has been promised for 16 August. 


As you are aware, Professor Malone-Lee spoke to MPs at Westminster on 6 July concerning current protocols for Urinary Tract Testing and their failing and those who were present are planning an adjournment debate in the autumn.  I would be grateful if you could support this cross-party debate.  Catherine West, MP is co-ordinating the debate and would be delighted to receive your support. 


I will be in contact with you later in the summer with a further note summarising points from the Professor’s presentation as this is a wider long term issue affecting one in three women over their lifetime and increasingly children and men.


I would still very much like to come to one of your surgeries to discuss this letter and the succession planning for the LUTS clinic further. Perhaps you could get back to me with an appointment?


I look forward to hearing from you.


Yours sincerely








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