19 April, 2013

You can help by writing to your local MP making them aware that COB has recently made contact with the All Party Group for Continence Care and enlisting their support to raise awareness of bladder illness.  The more letters we send, the more chance of bladder illness being recognised.

We have drafted a temple letter for your use, if you would like to use the wording below, please copy our text.

[Insert your address]
[Insert name of your local MP] MP
House of Commons
[Insert date]
Dear [insert name of MP],
The Cystitis and Overactive Bladder (COB) Foundation
I am writing to you as my MP to make you aware of work The COB Foundation does to support sufferers of bladder illness. Finding ways to cope with chronic bladder illness is often a slow, painful and bewildering experience and this organisation aims to help sufferers understand their condition and the treatments/help available to them. In addition it aims to advance education amongst the general public, Government and the medical profession about the patient experience.
Collaboration between Government, the NHS and the Third Sector is essential in understanding the extent of bladder illness in the UK and the economic effect the disease has i.e. loss of working days, cost of diagnosis and treatment not to mention the psychological costs on the patient/carers.
The COB Foundation has recently made contact with the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Continence Care in order to raise awareness of the charity. It was recommended to them by this group that members also write to local MP’s in an attempt to get your support in addition to the thirty MP’s that are members of the APPG.
I hope that you will support me and the COB Foundation in our attempts to raise awareness of bladder illness. It is often a difficult subject to raise but we need more people talking about it and not being afraid to raise it at the highest levels within Government.
We look forward to your response.
Yours sincerely,
[Insert name]
[Insert role and organisation if appropriate]
Please note: if you require any further information about the COB Foundation and the work we do please contact us on 0121 702 0820 or e-mail Our website is

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