1-12-15. Latest news from the Focus Medical Clinic - Dr Anderson

1 December, 2015


'Dr A will return to work mid December, as she is feeling better.

Focus Medical Clinic is NOT closing.

In light of recent events and increased pressure from the Department of Health to reduce antibiotic prescribing, she has taken advice from opinion leaders in the field and will be able to offer the following:

- appointments to old and new patients
- testing and diagnostics
- initiate treatment and supervise ongoing management plan

She tells us she is able to speed up her research and development which is progressing nicely!'





24-11-15. Message for Patients of the Temporarily Suspended LUTS Clinic at the Whittington Hospital

Since the temporary suspension of the LUTS Clinic at the Whittington, we have received an unprecedented number of patient contacts which, has been overwhelming.

As a very small clinic we are completely unable to cope with this level of demand due to the lack of resources.

Now that the clinic has reopened, we kindly request that you contact the LUTS helpline for further assistance and we would like to point out that we do not provide a similar service to that of the LUTS clinic (prescribing high dosage antibiotics long term).

Patients who have already attended a consultation and submitted samples for testing will of course be followed up.

We apologise for any inconvenience.


Message for Dr A’s Patients at Focus Medical Clinic

We are pleased to hear that Prof ML and the Whittington LUTS clinic will be reopening. 

This announcement is very timely as due to ill health Dr A regrets to inform you that she will not be able to take on any new patients for the time being. 

She will, of course be providing follow up appointments (within the next week or so) for any patients that have already attended her clinic.



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