Professor James Malone Lee

27 April, 2020

An important communication from Professor James Malone-Lee about his work and the legacy which will be continued by his excellent team at UCL , The Whittington and Harley St

Dear Friends
I hope that you are all keeping well

I must now to write to you about some important changes to our service.

The Whittington Hospital NHS Trust recently advertised for a second consultant for the NHS LUTS Clinic at Hornsey Central. This indicates the stability and growth of that centre nowadays. There is now an excellent NHS service available as an alternative to private care.

The NHS is about to provide its own software enabling me to relinquish my programming responsibilities for the centre

Come the summer, there will be five doctors, not including me, on the team at 10 Harley Street: Dr Rajvinder Khasriya, Dr Sheela Swamy, Dr Matthew Malone-Lee, Dr Kiren Gill and Dr Edward Harvey. All have trained with me and we follow the same protocol. The technician support will be provided by Dr Harry Horsley and Miss Martina Sardellitti. Martel Daley-Peart will continue as our administrator

The linked academic team at UCL has also been stabilised and will now develop, under the leadership of Dr Rajvinder Khasriya PhD and Dr Harry Horsley PhD, as an avowed translational scientific enterprise concentrating on chronic UTI. I shall continue to collaborate with that group. Dr Khasriya and Dr Horsley are benefiting from powerful senior support in UCL and the senior NHS managers recognise the imperative of a respected academic contribution.

I am still working fulltime but wishing to reduce this, I plan to adjust my contribution. I also predict that restrictions will affect my age group for a longer period than others, preventing me staying up in London. Thus, contingencies are necessary.
I have agreed with the team that I shall concentrate on the telephone reviews and the email service. I shall seek to conduct the former by Skype / Zoom rather than by telephone because the visual contact provides me with valuable information. Should the other doctors be concerned about more complex cases, they will be able to summon me into a consultation by use of conferencing software.

It will no longer be possible to book a face to face appointment with me at Harley Street. Those must take place with the new team. It is most important that I step back and encourage those doctors to take the baton from me; it is what I trained them for; they are exceedingly competent.

Because so many patients seek prescriptions from us, I have to provide a huge script writing and posting service. I must bring this under control, so for the future I shall be providing all my prescriptions though Pharmacierge ( To avoid this, you would have to secure a set of prescriptions sufficient for your needs during a consultation at Harley Street. I have no financial interest in Pharmacierge; they are efficient, reliable and safe. I am unable to invest the time into sorting out the difficulties with so many local pharmacies.

In the coming weeks Martel Daley-Peart will start to make adjustments to the appointments diary and she will inform you on how this affects your arrangements. Please wait for her to contact you as she must work through this systematically and not before new facilities are available. Your current booking stays unless you hear otherwise.

With best wishes
Professor James Malone-Lee MD FRCP
Emeritus Professor of Medicine UCL


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