The LUTS Clinic’s 10-year research study has finally been published!

21 March, 2018

The full article can be found online - CLICK HERE - but here are the key facts and findings.


Swamy et al analyzed the case studies of 624 women collected over 10 years. Before treatment, patients had on average suffered lower urinary tract symptoms for six years and had not been helped by other treatments. They were treated with a full dose of first-line, narrow spectrum oral antibiotics along with the urinary antiseptic Hiprex.


Antibiotic treatment was associated with significant reductions in patients’ urgency, pain, frequency and voiding symptoms, and a decrease in the pyuria (white blood cells) and urothelial cells that are markers of bladder inflammation.


Overall, 64 percent of the women reported that their symptoms were very much better, with another 20 percent reporting that they were much better. In many cases, it took more than a year and more than one cycle of treatment for patients’ symptoms to resolve.


The research findings support Professor Malone-Lee's model of chronic embedded bacterial infection and lays the ground for more research that could eventually see the clinic's approach rolled out across the whole country.


The clinic's treatment is much more effective than standard medications for IC/PBS. The latest meta-review of bladder instillations found no significant benefit between a variety of instillation drugs and placebo.

The painkiller amitriptyline made a significant difference to just 55% of people in a study (only 10% more than were helped by a placebo).

Pentosan sulphate/Elmiron performed no better than a placebo in a study cited by NICE.


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