Update about Hyacyst

9 April, 2020

Syner-Med is aware that some patients undergoing Hyacyst® (sodium hyaluronate) bladder instillation treatment may not be able to visit their hospital for treatment during the current COVID-19 outbreak due to cancelled appointments, or if the patients themselves need to self-isolate.

 Where hospital appointments are cancelled, we recommend that patients discuss the following options for self-instillation of Hyacyst® with healthcare professionals at their hospital’s Urology Unit:

  • The Urology healthcare professional contacts the patient’s GP to request that they prescribe Hyacyst® for the patient, during this current outbreak. The GP prescription could be taken to a community pharmacy and the Hyacyst® dispensed to the patient.


  •  The other option is for the Urology healthcare professional at the hospital to prescribe the Hyacyst® and allow Syner-Med to deliver it directly to the patient’s home. Syner-Med has already put a system in place to facilitate this option and is currently contacting all Urology Units that order Hyacyst.


A clinical decision would need to be made regarding an individual patient’s suitability for self-instillation and adequate training would need to take place.

 To support self-instillation patient training, Female and Male Hyacyst self-instillation guides are available from Syner-Med and will be included with every order going directly to a patient’s home address. Syner-Med can also supply Hyacyst® patient leaflets and intravesical record cards.



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