Well done ASDA - lets hope other stores follow suit !

30 August, 2016


HIDDEN DISABILITIES: For some time many of us who need more space or quick access because of ‘hidden’ disabilities have been uncomfortable using the Accessible Toilet. Crohn’s and Colitis UK supporters and those of other charities involved with ‘hidden disabilities’ have recently been mentioned in the media as having been at the receiving end of unpleasant comments or even downright refusals to allow access to the toilet. It is therefore not surprising that Crohn’s and Colitis UK is highlighting the launch of an initiative by ASDA to roll out a new sign for its Accessible Toilets which states that ‘not every disability is visible’. The news has not stayed within the confines of the UK either but has also been publicised in Australia in The Australian Women’s Weekly [8 August 2016] which asks whether the sign should be adopted universally! Let’s hope that other UK retailers, transport hubs, etc will join in and adopt the sign. It’s so simple, relatively inexpensive and means such a lot to so many.

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