15 June, 2020

The WFIPP Executive Council is pleased to announce that the landing page/microsite for the World Continence Week (WCW) SneakPeek Week will go 'live' at 23 hours CEST on Sunday 14th June. This to take account of the various time zones. 

Below you will find the URL which will take you directly to the microsite/landing page. Just click on the URL and then start browsing..... Each day, as from Monday 15th June, is packed with all kinds of information about continence and bladder pain issues. There is a huge variety of topics in the form of scientific and other articles, videos, visuals, infographics, blogs, podcasts, testimonials and more.  Something for everyone and for all ages. We really feel that this virtual campaign will have great appeal the world over and really help not only as a source of reliable, accurate and yes attractive information, but also as a great opportunity to raise awareness of these conditions across the globe. 

Of course, this can only be done with your help and support in spreading the word.  That is vital. The target audience is literally anybody with an interest in continence issues and related conditions, whether patient, family, carer  (formal and informal),  patient advocate, healthcare professional, researchers,  pharma, medical device companies, government institutions and not forgetting the public at large. We all know just how burdensome these conditions are so the rest is up to us to get the message across. This Sneak Peek Week is intended to do just that. 

So we wish everyone a very fruitful, illuminating and enjoyable Sneak Peek WCW 20. 
We really hope you like what we have put together with many thanks to the entire web company team at 'INNUO' who have, in our view, created a great platform for us all to share. 

Here is the landing page/microsite - LIVE on SUNDAY 14th JUNE at 23 HOURS CEST 



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