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16 August, 2016

Dr Megan Arroll and Professor Christine Dancey (authors of Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Navigating Your Way to Recovery and Invisible Illness: Coping with Misunderstood Conditions) invite members of the COB Foundation to contribute their stories and experiences of any bladder issues. These are for our upcoming book ‘What’s Up With Your Bladder’, to be published by Hammersmith Health Books and released in summer 2018. We include patient stories in all of our books to give a voice to invisible and stigmatised conditions.

A bit about us and our books - we are researchers dedicated to raising awareness of invisible illnesses and conduct research so that doctors, other researchers and the wider public can gain a greater understand­ing of what life is like for people with long-term illness. In our books, we aim a wide body of information on topics such as possible causes, underlying mechanisms and new treatments. With this range of material in one publication we hope to make a comprehensive but accessible patient resource that is up-to-date and sorely needed in the area of bladder dysfunction.

If you’d like to contribute your experiences please email us at and we will send you a short questionnaire which includes a list of questions ranging from diagnosis and treatment to the impact your bladder condition has on your life - alternatively we welcome patient narratives. If a quote is used in the final book it will be completely up to you whether the words are attached to your real (first) name, an alias of your choice or a pseudonym made-up by us.

Thank you, Megan and Christine 


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