Wow ! A Sky-Dive to raise money for COB

8 November, 2016

Please support Michael and Guy by donating on their official Donate site - read on to find out how. More

Prof. Malone Lee  -  Watford

Challenging the current UTI Testing methods - Parliamentary debate

25 October, 2016

If you would like to support the next debate in the House of Commons led by Prof. Malone-Lee on 28th October read on and support it by sending a letter to your MP (3* alternate templates attached) More

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Interesting Daily Mail Article for OAB sufferers

18 October, 2016

What a relief! Ankle bracelet worn just a few hours a day could help millions of people tackle that desperate need to go. More


Dilute honey 'may fight urine infections'

28 September, 2016

A simple mix of honey and water might be a useful weapon against urine infections in hospital patients, according to researchers. More


September is IC Awareness Month

28 September, 2016

Checkout our Twitter site, #bladdersupport, for interesting facts and re-tweet them to spread the word. Read on to see some of the facts and figures and please make a donation to support the work we do if you can. More

Prof. Malone Lee  -  Watford

Interesting article by Prof. Malone -Lee in the Daily Mail

27 September, 2016

The rise of 'super-cystitis': Poor testing could leave women with symptoms 'for the rest of their lives' More


Well done ASDA - lets hope other stores follow suit !

30 August, 2016

ASDA to roll out a new sign for its Accessible Toilets which states that ‘not every disability is visible’ More

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Interesting Daily Mail Health Article -

25 August, 2016

UTIs can be dismissed as minor when for a lot of women they cause misery, wrecking personal lives. More

Matt and Family Coast to Coast

I have IC, IC does not have me

23 August, 2016

A lovely quote from Matthew Gough - one of our fundraising heroes. Read what happened on his Coast to Coast Cycle Ride to raise money for COB. More


F2F Interview to help with research on IC - are you interested?

23 August, 2016

An independent Market Researcher has been asked to recruit people suffering from this condition and for them to participate in a F2F interview on either 2nd or 9th September in central London. More


Would you like to contribute your story to a new book?

16 August, 2016

An upcoming book 'What's up with your bladder' is to be released in 2018 by Hammersmith Health Books.The authors are interested in including patient stories and would like to talk to you More


Good Luck COB Hero Matthew

16 August, 2016

Matthew Gough is starting his Coast to Coast Challenge this week and he is doing it to raise money for us at the COB Foundation - please support him by going to his My Donate page More


Rachel Ingram - an enterprising lady

9 August, 2016

Rachel makes 'covers' for stoma bags and has asked if COB can help to spread the word.... we are happy to help others as they help us. More

Super Hero

Tell someone about Matthew Gough and Jess Keasey - COB Heroes

9 August, 2016

Matthew and Jess are taking on personal challenges to help raise both money and awareness of the COB Foundation and the work we do to support Bladder Illness sufferers. Tell someone else - lets increase their sponsors as only we can !!! More

Prof. Malone Lee  -  Watford

Latest news on Prof. Malone Lee clinic

8 August, 2016

Due to further developments after the meeting with the Whittington Trust on the 2/8/2016 please see the revised template letter to send to your MP More

App advert -

Do you live in south or central Scotland and would you be willing to help to design an App for Bladder Training ?

2 August, 2016

At COB we would like to assist a PhD student who is looking for 16 volunteers to help her design an App for OAB - how about you ? More


Biofilms implicated in Overactive Bladder

2 August, 2016

Bacterial Infection Identified as Cause of Overactive Bladder Syndrome - an article in Labmedica on research by scientists at the University of Kent. More

Prof. Malone Lee  -  Watford

Are you a patient at Prof Malone-Lee LUTS clinic ?

2 August, 2016

If you want to support the continuation of the LUTS clinic at the Whittington then please use the latest template letter below to write to your MP. More

Gerry Hay

Gerry Hay

18 July, 2016

It is with great sadness we announce the untimely passing of our dear friend and colleague Gerard James Hay. More

Squeezy App

Exercise your Pelvic Floor Muscles - download the Squeezy App

13 July, 2016

Regular pelvic floor exercise is effective in strengthening those muscles that help to prevent leaky bladders. Read about a new APP to help with the exercises.. More


Next Regional Conference - *Bristol*

13 July, 2016

The next regional meeting for COB Members is going to be in Bristol area on the 1st October 2016. Please read the feedback on the Manchester event and it may encourage you to book your place at this event. More


Great British Public Toilet Map

12 July, 2016

This is a project aimed at locating Toilets the Public can use. More


Continence Care Awards 2016

21 June, 2016

The Winners Booklet - sharing details of the successful nominations. More


Better Testing for UTI's ??

8 June, 2016

If you are a patient who has received benefit from Prof. Malone Lee or Dr Anderson or genuinely interested in finding out more about their research maybe you would like to support a forthcoming presentation to MP's at the Houses Of Parliament . Please read on More



11 May, 2016

Include 'PELVIC PAIN' in the UK university curriculum for ALL medical students More

Copthorne Salford Quays

Successful Patient Seminar in the North West

7 May, 2016

Our regional seminar in Manchester - at the Copthorne Hotel, Salford Quays on Saturday the 7th May was enjoyed by all those who managed to come along - read on to see comments and photos. More


Are you interested in taking part ?

6 May, 2016

Do you have recurrent Urinary Tract infections ? Are you female,aged between 18-65, and have had 3 UTI's in the past 12 months ? More

NHS England

Continence Care Awards - complementary blog

4 May, 2016

Sarah Elliott is the Regional Chief Nurse for NHS England (South) and she was a key figure who spoke at the recent Continence Care Awards in the Houses of Parliament 13-4-2016. More

Marathon Medals

Well done Stuart

4 May, 2016

Stuart White and his 4 brothers completed the gruelling Marathon Des Sable - across the Sahara desert. More

Adam Martin - Manchester Marathon 2016

Well Done Adam !

11 April, 2016

Adam Martin of Coloplast successfully ran the 2016 Manchester Marathon on 10th April More

Bromley meeting

Member Meeting in Bromley Saturday 16th April

6 April, 2016

If you live nearby and would like to meet and greet fellow members and some of the COB Office team then please come along to this meeting. More

Recipe Book Cover

New Recipe Book

31 March, 2016

A new Recipe Book with lots of bladder friendly recipes tried and tested by our members More

African Marathon 2016

A very unusual fundraising challenge - a gruelling marathon in the Sahara desert

31 March, 2016

Don't forget to support Stuart and help him to reach his target of £5000 More

ERIC logo

Book early for the ERIC Paediatric Continence Conference

16 March, 2016

Birmingham -October 2016 - Right Time,Right Place , Right Care More


Adam Martin is running the Manchester Marathon for COB

8 March, 2016

Adam is the Head of Continence Care Marketing for Coloplast - one of the COB Foundations generous corporate sponsors - and he is running the Manchester Marathon on the 10th April. More


Successful seminar on IC/PBS in Birmingham

8 March, 2016

COB organised a seminar on IC/PBS attended by both clinicians and COB members. Our speakers included Mr Belal from the QE in Birmingham and Dr Parsons from the USA More

Prof. Malone Lee  -  Watford

Interesting article in The Spectator by Professor Malone Lee

24 February, 2016

Read this interesting incontinence article from Professor James Malone-Lee Professor of Medicine at University College London Medical School. More


National Continence Awards - Update

24 February, 2016

The nominations are now closed and judging about to begin. More


Daily Mail article on Cystitis

14 January, 2016

This is an interesting article on Cystitis you may wish to take a look at. More


Next COB Regional Member Conference

13 January, 2016

North- west England venue and date to be confirmed but watch this space for updates More


Male Incontinence Survey

13 January, 2016

Are you interested in taking part ? Read on .... More


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