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Always Discreet has partnered with Ferne McCann to put the squeeze on leaks

Two thirds of women in the UK experience bladder leaks, but many underestimate the power of their pelvic floor!

Research by Always Discreet shows that although 85 per cent of women do know that exercising their pelvic floor muscles can help prevent or improve leaks, just over a third (34 per cent) say they still don't do them.

Bladder leaks are not only experienced by older women, in fact 64 per cent of women aged 18-24 have experienced leaks. And it’s this younger generation who are neglecting their pelvic floor exercises the most!

Over half (51 per cent) of this age group admitted to having never exercised these particular muscles, even though the majority understand the benefit and deem general exercise to play an important part in their life.

54 per cent of people wrongly believe that being fit and healthy means that you won’t experience leaks and 67 per cent think the same of having a strong core. In many cases, high intensity workouts and over-exertion can contribute to leaks.

Always Discreet has partnered with bladder leak sufferer, Ferne McCann to stress the importance of daily squeezes.

She commented, “I first noticed I was experiencing bladder leaks when I was working out. I think of myself as being in my prime so it came as a shock when I had to avoid cardio exercise due to leaks. At times, I was even worried to leave the house! I think many women think they are taking good care of themselves but still don’t prioritise pelvic floor exercises, as part of their daily routine. I know first-hand, how a few squeezes a day can have a huge impact.”

Finding the time to do pelvic floor exercises is a must for women of all ages, yet many of us will prioritise our beauty regime over a few daily squeezes. 62 per cent of women will follow a daily or twice daily skincare routine but shockingly only 8 per cent remember to do their pelvic floor exercises every day.

The brand has also enlisted the help of Dr Anita Mitra, Gynaecologist and Author of ‘The Gynae Geek’ to encourage women to get squeezing and seek professional help.

Dr. Anita Mitra said, “Bladder leaks are common in women of all ages, it doesn't mean they should accept it as normal, and many do not realise that there are often simple things that can be done to help their situation. Talking to a GP or nurse is the first step, even if just to put your mind at ease. They will be able to talk you through a treatment plan which doesn't necessarily mean medication or surgery, and many can improve their symptoms with regular pelvic floor exercises alone.”

Easy Squeezy

Working these muscles doesn’t have to be complicated. Of those who did exercise their pelvic floors, 48 per cent reported doing them watching TV, 36 per cent did them in bed and 41 per cent even did them while on the move.

Always Discreet wants to encourage women to harness the power of their pelvic floor to put the squeeze on bladder leaks.

To make it easier for women to get professional advice, Always Discreet is donating to Bladder Health UK, the largest support charity dedicated to bladder health. This donation will help fund a confidential advice line, offering insight from an expert such as a Continence or UroGynae Nurse, or an ‘expert patient’ who can talk first-hand about the issue from 20 years of experience.

Suzanne Evans, Business Director at Bladder Health UK said, “As the leading national organisation supporting women to live positively with bladder issues, BHUK understands that women seeking the right advice, from the right Health Care Professional, at the right time is likely to result in a significant improvement of their symptoms and in many cases a cure. This partnership with Always Discreet will ensure that wherever a woman is on her journey to recovery, BHUK can continue to help them reach a point where their condition can be managed successfully.”

You can reach Bladder Health UK’s confidential advice line on 0800 4334 600.


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Survey methodology:

One poll conducted research among 2,000 UK adults aged 18 and over. It was an online poll completed between 20th January and 22nd January 2020.

One Poll conducted research among 2,000 women in the UK between the ages of 18 and over. It was an online poll completed between 22nd and 29th May 2019.

Further statistics:

• 67% of UK women have experienced bladder leaks
• 75% of 18-24- year olds agree pelvic floor exercises can help reduce bladder leaks in later life
• 1 in 6 cannot identify where the pelvic floor muscles are in the body
• 35% of people do not know the purpose of the pelvic floor
• 5% of people think the pelvic floor muscle is located in the inner thigh

About Always Discreet
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About Bladder Health UK
Bladder Health UK is the largest support charity for people with all forms of cystitis, overactive bladder and incontinence issues. You can reach Bladder Health UK’s confidential advice line on 0800 4334 600.

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