Participate in research: Write a story about life with incontinence pads*

The Pad Project is a research project that seeks to develop socially, ecologically, and economically sustainable continence care. The project is located in Tampere University, and funded by the Academy of Finland and Kone Foundation. The project does not have commercial or corporate interests. We work with different stakeholders, including pad users, health care professionals, patient advocacy groups, and the industry. To reduce the stigma of the condition, the project seeks to raise consciousness about adult incontinence across societies.

We are now looking for research participants, who would be willing to write a “pad story”* about the absorbent products they use when managing their own urinary or fecal leakages, or when providing continence care to others.

*Note on terminology: In our research, the term “incontinence pad” generally refers to different absorbent materials used for the management of urinary or fecal leakages, including male guards, pull ups, briefs, protective underwear, slips, liners, cloths, or any products that are often referred to as “adult diapers”. Different people may prefer to use different terms, and some people may use cloth or other materials. The country and language influences on the terminology and its appropriate usage. In the “pad stories” collection, we wish the participants to write about the absorbent products they use, using the terminology they prefer to use and are comfortable with.

Please see the full invitation for the story collection here:

With kind regards,

Tiina Vaittinen

PhD, Academy of Finland Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Global Health and Social Policy, Health Sciences, Tampere University

Address: Arvo Building Room C320 Arvo Ylpön katu 34, FIN33014 Tampere University


GSM: +358 (0)40 190 9770

Twitter: @VaittinenTiina

Present research: Emergent Un/Sustainabilities: The Global Political Economy of the Adult Incontinence Pad

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