Professor Duncan Eaton – Chairperson
Duncan opened the conference. He has been chair of Bladder Health UK’s Board of Trustees for seven years now. Prior to retirement, Duncan had been Chief Executive of NHS procurement.

Mrs Theresa Cutts
Theresa Cutts has spent over 40 years in the natural products industry. She is currently an independent consultant to several leading brands within the UK natural products industry and is called upon to deliver training, expert opinion and support product innovation for many major brands.

Balancing and replenishing the microbiome can make a huge difference to sufferers of bacterial cystitis.


Mr Sachin Malde BSc(Hons) MBBS MSc(Urol), FRCS(Urol)
Sachin Malde is a London-based consultant with a specialist interest in treating bladder pain syndrome. He explores the idea of phenotypes in this disease.


Nikki Cotterill, Professor in Continence Care, University of the West of England PhD BSc(Hons) RN & Jacq Emkes, Expert Patient
Professor Cotterill outlines new developments in continence care while sufferer Jacq Emkes shares her story of living with continence problems.


Jilly Bond MSc
Jilly Bond, Chartered Pelvic Health Physiotherapist and co-founder of the Pelvic Pain Network explains how pelvic floor physiotherapy can help sufferers of chronic bladder illness.


Dr Harry Horsley MRes, PhD & Miss Rajvinder Khasriya PhD MRCOG
Dr Horsely is the principal investigator for the Bladder Infection and Immunity Group (BIIG) at UCL and co-lead of Urological Biology and Cancer in the UCL Centre for Kidney & Bladder Health (joint Centre with GOSH/ICH). He outlines new developments in chronic UTI research. 

Raj Khasriya is a Consultant Urogynaecologist, working at the Whittington Hospital, London and University College Hospital London and has led the Chronic Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) service at the Whittington Hospital since November 2018. She explains her treatment protocol for treating chronic UTI.


Mr Gans Thiagamoorthy MBBS MRCOG MD Urogynae Subspec & Mrs Wendy Gough
Mr Gans Thiagamoorthy is a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. He talks about the treatment options for overactive bladder.

Wendy Gough is an expert patient. She shares her journey with an overactive bladder and how she was finally successful in controlling her symptoms following the insertion of the Axonics SNS device.