The pathway to free yourself from pain and regain your quality of life

Find out how YOU can reduce your pain and other symptoms

The Feel Free Pelvic Pain Programme complements your medical care but it puts YOU in the driving seat, instead of feeling you’re dependent on someone else having the solution. The Programme has extracted crucial elements from the complex science of pain and turned them into a carefully designed format that’s super-easy for you to use effectively.

Start RIGHT NOW – and see results FAST

You may have to wait weeks or months for appointments with doctors, but there are no waiting lists here. You can start today! People report improvements at different stages of the six weeks depending on which aspect of pain management resonates most for them, but for some it can be as early as the first week!

Plenty of support to guide and encourage you

You can contact the Feel Free team directly via the online helpdesk, there’s a confidential advice phone line via our partners Bladder Health UK, and live meetings on Zoom with the tutors where you can learn more and ask questions. There’s also a private Facebook community where you can get support and encourage others living the Feel Free way.

Here's how the Feel Free programme improved sheila's life

A survey of participants in the Programme gave outstanding results

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