New Horizons Conference 2024

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The sharing of knowledge and understanding of bladder health conditions

Bladder Health UK’s second annual conference took place in February this year in Birmingham! We were delighted to welcome 130 delegates many of whom had attended our ‘Breaking Boundaries’ conference last year and were keen to join us again!

The programme on treating benign bladder illness was varied with the aim once again to ensure that everyone there learned something they didn’t know before.

At the heart of everything we do as a charity is the lived patient experience and with this in mind, we were delighted to welcome two patient speakers this year!

Comments and feedback:

"We had a really positive experience, lots of conversations and interest. It felt busier than last year and there seemed to be more people towards the end of the day, which was great to see. I very honestly don’t have a negative to give you, was very well run from start to finish and everyone at BHUK and yourself especially, deserves a lot of praise for the event. The venue is great in terms of there being parking and the food was fantastic. I’m looking forward to booking for next year!"

S C Nutra

“What a fantastic opportunity to engage with healthcare professionals from around the country who are passionate about helping their patients with bladder symptoms – Congratulations BHUK for putting on a great educational conference “ 

Consilient Health


Gallery of our supporters and Exhibitors on the day

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Ms Theresa Cutts – Probiotics & Bladder Health
"Amazing! Food for thought! I will be looking into this for our patients!"

Mr Sachin Malde – Treating Bladder Pain SyndromeB
"Great to be brought up to date with the different phenotypes!"

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Prof Nikki Cotterill & Jacq Emkes - New Developments in Continence Care & The Patient Journey
Really interesting to hear about the Bristol initiatives! Wonderful hearing from Jacq and expert patient, about the initiatives she has faced!

Mrs Jilly Bond - Treating Bladder Pain with Physiotherapy
A guru and research expert – very insightful and enlightening – thank you!

Dr Harry Horsley & Miss Rajvinder Khasriya - New Developments in Chronic UTI
Looking at UTI management in a more modern, patient focussed way! Excellent speakers with really relevant information!

Mr Ganesh Thiagamoorthy & Mrs Wendy Gough - Treating Overactive Bladder and SUI
This was a great session – the consultant was easy to understand! I am a urogynae CNS and I was moved by the patient experience! Well done Wendy! 


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Our Speakers

Probiotics and Bladder Health
Theresa Cutts

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Treating Bladder Pain Syndrome
Sachin Malde, Consultant Urologist, Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

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New Developments in Continence Care & The Patient Journey
Nikki Cotterill, Professor in Continence Care, University of the West of England Jacq Emkes, Expert Patient

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Treating Bladder Pain Syndrome with Physiotherapy
Jilly Bond, Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

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New Developments in Chronic UTI
Dr Harry Horsley, Research Fellow, UCLH & Dr Rajvinder Khasriya, Whittington Health NHS Trust

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Treating Overactive Bladder and SUI
Mr Ganesh Thiagamoorthy, Consultant Urogynaecologist Ashford & St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust & Wendy Gough, Expert Patient

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