Trusts, Foundations and other Grant Makers

Trusts, Foundations and other Grant Makers

Large or small, grants from Trusts, foundations and other grantmakers can help to bring positive outcomes to the lives of people affected by Bladder illness.

 Bladder Health UK welcomes funding from trusts and foundations for:
  • Our general work
  • Particular areas of work such as supporting young people or research
  • Work in particular geographical regions
  • Individual projects.

An example of how grant funding helped our charity :-

In 2013 funding from The Big Lottery  helped us to produce a DVD designed to help GP's understand how to diagnose IC as soon as possible. In some instances sufferers have waited up to 2 years before being referred to a Specialist consultant. By promotiing the DVD on You Tube and directly to GP's we were able to help to get this key message across.


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