Cystistat® used in the treatment of IC has, as its primary component, sodium hyaluronate which is a derivative of hyaluronic acid, and occurs naturally in the GAG (glycosaminoglycans) layer of the bladder lining. This layer is believed to protect the bladder wall and is said to be deficient in many of those with IC.  It is used to treat patients with IC and can also be used to treat those with cystitis caused by infections, trauma, urolithiasis, urinary retention, neoplasia or radiation.

Those with a known sensitivity to sodium hyaluronate should not have Cystistatâ installed.  At present there are no interactions with Cystistatâ and other medications. No research has been carried out on the use of Cystistat® during pregnancy or in children.  Side effects are minimal and probably related to the procedure, rather than the drug itself.  Cystistat® requires instillation by a doctor or nurse and the decision to administer it lays with the medical practitioner.