This treatment involves instilling DMSO into the bladder by a small catheter.

Some patients find they have a garlic-like taste and odour for 1 or 2 days after treatment, this is due to the product odour being excreted through the lungs. Initially, there may be cystitis-like symptoms with urethral burning during voiding but these usually settle down within a day or two.

The treatment is usually given for 6-8 weeks at fortnightly intervals. A catheter is placed into the bladder and the DMSO solution is held in place for up to 15 minutes. The solution is then voided out.

Some patients may experience discomfort whilst the product is instilled.

RIMSO (DMSO Cocktail)

DMSO (Dimethysulfoxide) has the ability to ‘take’ other medication with it when it is absorbed into the tissue. This means other medication can be added to it, which may improve symptoms of interstitial cystitis, when DMSO on its own has failed (Ghoniem et al 1993).

Medications that are commonly included in a DMSO ‘cocktail’ include Heparin Sulphate, Steroids, Sodium Bicarbonate and Antibiotics.