Lifestyle changes  - Small changes that can make a big difference.

Dry Mouth - products developed specifically for medication side effects.

Products than can help living with OAB - there are many products which can help when living with OAB. 

Medication - You may be prescribed medication to relieve bladder spasms, frequency and leakage.

Other treatments and therapies - These include bladder retraining, Tens units, acupuncture, alarms and surgery. 


Images for Interstim - Sacral Neuromodulation ( a surgical treatment for OAB)- click here for more information on Overactive Bladder and SNM.

Medtronic sacral neuromodulation with the InterStim™ system uses a small implanted medical device to send mild electrical pulses to nerves that control your bladder. It helps to restore normal nerve activity so that you can pass urine normally.7

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