Lifestyle changes  - Small changes that can make a big difference.

Dry Mouth - products developed specifically for medication side effects.

Products than can help living with OAB - there are many products which can help when living with OAB. 

Medication - You may be prescribed medication to relieve bladder spasms, frequency and leakage.

Other treatments and therapies - These include bladder retraining, Tens units, acupuncture, alarms and surgery. 


Sacral Neuromodulation ( a surgical treatment for OAB)- click here for more information on Overactive Bladder and SNM.

Axonics and Medtronic are two companies that supply SNM devices that helps to restore normal nerve activity to allow normal passage of urine.

Medtronic - sacral neuromodulation with the InterStim™ system uses a small implanted medical device to send mild electrical pulses to nerves that control your bladder.   

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