Chronic Cystitis

Chronic Cystitis

Chronic Cystitis

Chronic Cystitis originates in thre bladder . It causes painful pressure or burning in the pelvic region and a frrequent need to urinate.




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The inner lining of the bladder is known as the urothelium. It is comprised of urothelial cells. A Chronic UTI occurs when pathogenic bacteria in the urine penetrate these cells in the bladder lining, activating the immune system which sets up an inflammatory response.

The commentary below gives a detailed account of how this occurs

00 Chronic urinary infection Picture Commentary August 2018 (1).pdf (1.13 MB)

Unreliable Testing for UTIs

Standard NHS tests are insensitive and miss many acute and chronic infections. Several studies have discredited dipstick urine tests and routine urine culture which is based on a criteria devised in the 1950s and has never been up-dated in the light of more recent research. You cannot rely on an NHS culture to diagnose an infection!


There are only a limited number of practitioners in the UK who are willing to test and treat Chronic UTI. The following are the main practitioners at present. For a full list of practitioners, join BHUK to receive a copy of our Chronic Infection Pack.


DrAnderson.png (4.02 MB)   Dr Catriona Anderson MB ChB BSc(Hons), MRCGP, DFSRH

Dr Anderson is a private GP based at Focus Medical Clinic in Staffordshire. She has a specialist interest in microbiology and womens bladder health.             

Dr Anderson is currently not taking new patients but should the position change, we will up-date this page.


 Raj head shot.jpg (22 KB)       Dr Rajvinder Khasriya

Dr Khasriya is a Uro-Gynaecologist based at the Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) Clinic at the Whittington Hospital, London. She will treat patients via the NHS following a tertiary referral from a consultant.



A team of clinicians practice at a clinic based at 10 Harley Street, London. All clinicians have been trained by the late Professor James Malone-Lee and treat according to his protocol of long-term, high-dose antibiotics. They will see patients following a referral from a GP.


Appointments can be made via the clinic secretary (Tel:  07568 40211)


     SachinMalde (002).jpg (41 KB)           MR SACHIN MALDE (Private)

Mr Malde is a Urologist based at Guys & St Thomas’s Hospital, London. He is treating patients with chronic UTI privately following a GP referral.


Appointments can be made by calling 020 3488 2636 or emailing


BHUK used to have a link here to Professor James Malone-Lee who sadley passed away February 19th 2022

I have added the message sent out by Jane Meijlink , the Chair of the International Painful Bladder Foundation because it sums up so well the character and prescence of this man.

Thank you to Jane for such a fitting comment about this unique person.

Dear all,

In the advocacy meetings there has been much discussion about the controversies surrounding embedded infection with mention of the work of Professor James Malone-Lee from London. Some of you may not yet know that James Malone-Lee sadly passed away from terminal cancer a week ago. He will be greatly missed, not only because he was a dashing eccentric, always friendly, kind and helpful, but also because he drew unprecedented attention to urinary tract infections and particularly UTIs not getting diagnosed due to outdated, inadequate methods. Hopefully his work – often highly controversial! – will have encouraged urologists and urogynaecologists to focus more attention on this neglected field in the coming years. We will all miss this colourful figure who initiated so much ground-breaking research for the sake of patients.

 kind regards,



Jane Meijlink, BA Hons, MCIJ


International Painful Bladder Foundation

Registered Charity: 24382693


Charity Fiscal Number: 8168.41.597


Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic UTI

Diagnosis and treatment for Chronic UTI varies between specialists.

Dr Anderson favours rigorous testing and culture of samples. Following a positive result, she will prescribe long-term or short-term antibiotics as appropriate. Also, on occasion, she will use Uromune, the UTI vaccine and Hiprex. She will also advocate natural products such as D-Mannose where appropriate.

Dr Khasriya and the Harley Street team do not culture but examine a fresh urine sample under a microscope for the presence of bacteria. They rely on a detailed history from their patients to gain an understanding of their condition. They prescribe long-term antibiotics, together with Hiprex.


For further information on Chronic UTI become a member of Bladder Health UK to receive our Chronic Infection Pack.



Harley Street/LUTS Clinic Whittington

A recording of Bladder Health’s interview with the late Prof.James Malone Lee talking about his book ‘Cystitis Unmasked’

Click here to listen to the recording

Chronic UTI practitioners

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